Android Wear fans will find an update from Skype made available this week that brings quite a bit of functionality to the Android OS wearable.

The new update was announced by the Skype team via blog post. Here are the details of the new version (version 6.4):

Stay on top of conversations from people who matter the most

Get notified of and read new messages from your friends and family directly on your Android Wear device.

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Respond to chats

Reply to messages directly from your Android Wear device. You can use voice-to-text by speaking to your wrist. Or, if you’re in a rush, you can select from a set of pre-written responses. You can even draw on the watch and respond with an emoji!

Manage audio and video calls

See who’s calling on your Android Wear device. Decline incoming calls from your wrist if you’re busy and can’t take a call at the moment. Or, accept incoming calls on your Android Wear device – and use Skype on your Android phone using the microphone, headphones, or a wireless Bluetooth speaker or headset.

While on a call, you can also use your Android Wear watch to mute, hang up, or pause and switch to another incoming call.

If you haven’t already downloaded the software, you can do so using these QR codes.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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