Privacy and security while messaging has become more important over the last few years, particularly with the Edward Snowden leaks showing the overreach of the U.S. government. This becomes even more important when you factor in the number of small business and enterprise users that need a secure way to communicate in the workplace beyond email. We’ve covered a number of these secure messaging apps here on TruTower already, and now another is making the jump to iOS and Windows Phone users.

VIPole Secure Messenger is a cross platform application for Windows desktop, Mac OS and Linux. It supports all Android devices and will be available for iOS users this fall. For Windows Phone users, the website says the app is coming “soon”. ViPole also offers a range of useful features beyond messaging, including file transfering, secure video calls, self-IP masking, group chat, and more.

“What started as an internal project for secure communications resulted in VIPole for teams and enterprises with a multilevel security system and a variety of features to satisfy even the most demanding users” says Marketing Director, Julia Salnik.

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“[VIPole comes with a] multilevel security system and a variety of features to satisfy even the most demanding users”

VIPole includes “strong encryption and multilevel security” as one of its standout features when compared to other messaging apps. Like with many of those that are focused on privacy and security, VIPole users can look forward to their data being encrypted end-to-end in such a way that only the sender and the intended recipient have the keys for decryption. The users are in the full control of their messages and files. This ensures a safe and private interaction between users that no third party is able to decrypt. VIPole protects data from breaches during both transmission and storage.

VIPole puts privacy at the forefront, providing all types of secure online communication. A set of features gathered on one platform include instant messaging, voice and video calls, file transfer and storage, password manager, task manager and notes. Thus, VIPole provides a range of tools that enable users to be productive and stay secure online.

VIPole is equally advantageous for both personal and corporate communication. Special features including group chats and multi-user audio and video conferences, a daily planner and a task manager which makes business coordination easy and teamwork convenient. Along with cloud-based services, VIPole offers stand-alone server solutions tailored for enterprises and corporations.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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