January 16, 2022

Samsung Unveils A Number of Galaxy S III Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S III Stylus, Accessories, Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Global SIM and VoIP app fans alike have joined the rest of the mobile world in waiting for the new Galaxy S III‘s imminent release. In the meantime, Samsung continues to make us drool on our keyboards and monitors in anticipation.

The company has already announced a whole smorgasbord of accessories for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device, and the people at MobileFun have provided a few screen shots of these accessories.

The C Pen is the best accessory out of the lot. It’s a capacitive stylus that looks to have a much smaller nib than any iPad stylus available right now. While it awaits to be seen if the C Pen will be as accurate as the Galaxy Note’s S Pen, it looks comfortable to hold. It will be interesting to see how well it works in practice.

Samsung Galaxy S III HDMI Wi-Fi Display Hub

Another “must-have” for us is the flip cover, which replaces the phone’s back panel completely, a good way to protect the Galaxy S III’s 4.8-inch screen without adding much bulk. It gives the Galaxy S III a stylish, simultaneously protective new look.

Samsung Galaxy S III Cover, Accessories, GalaxySII

Also revealed are the HDMI-equipped Wi-Fi Display Hub and a dock that doubles as a removable battery charger. There is also the wireless charging adapter that won’t be arriving until September.