January 16, 2022

Research in Motion Proposes Battery-Charging Holster

RIM BlackBerry Holster, BlackBerry Belt Clip, BB Accessories

First BlackBerry World. Then Tru App. Now here’s another interesting piece of technology for all of you using BlackBerrys with your Tru accounts.

In a filing granted today, we have been given a glimpse of what RIM could have coming for BlackBerry fans in the future. Rechargeable batteries? Check. Built-in speakers? Check.

The claims detail flexible batteries built into the holsters that recharge your phone when you’re on the go. All the while, the holster would be communicating to your BlackBerry’s CPU to bring you alerts through its own speakers — thus avoiding the notorious muffled sounds from covered parts we’ve been accustomed to from other holsters.

That’s all well and good, but here’s the real question: when will RIM come out with a solar-powered BlackBerry that makes me coffee too? Anyone?