February 7, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S III Amasses Nine Million Pre-Orders Worldwide

Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 3

If you have been wondering how the Samsung Galaxy S III is doing on the launch pad, according to the Korea Economic Daily, an unnamed Samsung executive revealed that the followup to its previous fastest selling phone has already racked up nine million pre-orders around the world.

That number would put it nearly halfway to the 20 million Galaxy S II’s Samsung reported shipped back in February. This, of course, does not include the US yet, as residents in the US are still waiting for their dual-core LTE-equipped variants, which are due this summer.

Global SIM consumers in the U.S. clamoring for an unlocked version need not worry about being left out of the Exynos goodness, however, as Reuters‘ translation also indicates the company’s factory is already cranking out five million units every month.

Are you one of the nine million?