March 21, 2023

CyanogenMod 10.1 Milestone 1 Now on Nexus and Samsung Android Devices

Cyanogen Mod 10, CyanogenMod10, Android Custom ROM

Those who have been waiting for the next wave of CyanogenMod builds won’t have to wait any longer as the first M-series builds — Milestone 1 versions — of the popular “unofficial” Android 4.2 software are now available for most Nexus and Samsung devices.

While the code is said to be more stable than the nightly builds that have been rolling out for some time now and is therefore less likely to “brick” your beloved Android device, the code is not final by any means and is still in the experimental stages, so a little care must still be taken before chancing the update. However, if you feel as though the risks outweigh the privilege of having Android 4.2 without all of the carrier “bloatware” on your device, additional details about the download as well as the download link itself can be found on the CyanogenMod website.