March 21, 2023

Viber Rolls Out Intel Support, Bug Fixes in Latest Update for Android Devices

Viber for Android, VoIP for Android Smartphones, Messaging for Android Tablets

Viber for Android version has just been released and brings with it a number of a few minor improvements over its predecessor, version version 2.3.319.

The latest version packs in support for Intel-based devices, bringing the full Viber experience to a larger audience than ever. In addition, the update fixes a “one-sided audio” issue that was experienced on “several Xperia devices.” The usual round of minor bug fixes also accompany the new update. Of course, the update also includes everything that made Viber version 2.3 great, including the ability to share stickers with all of your Viber friends, emoticons, location sharing, group conversations for up to 40 simultaneous participants, and native notification sound options.

The new version of Viber for Android can be downloaded via the Google Play store right now. Just make sure you let your Intel-toting friends know so they can join you and experience the greatness that is the Viber app for themselves!