If you’re sporting South Korea’s KakaoTalk Messenger application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on your device, you’ll notice a new update waiting for you in the Apple App Store. The update definitely packs a bit of a punch.

The new update carries the version number of 3.5.6 and introduces a whole smorgasbord of new enhancements for the popular messaging app. Users who experienced problems with accessing the network will find that the update thankfully fixes this issue, at least for iOS users. A number of users on Android appear to be having this same difficulty, and we haven’t been able to get a clear answer on when a fix will be available, but we do know it’s coming.

For users outside Korea, a problem with downloading photos from within chat rooms was present in the last version of the app, and that has thankfully also been fixed, as was an issue that caused the app to crash when selecting the “Don’t Allow” option when the “Access to Your Contacts” popup screen appears after starting the app for the first time.

There were also two issues that caused the app to shut down unexpectedly for certain users whenever they would try to view Story photos in Mini Profiles or invite friends by e-mail. This issue also looks to be fixed, so users should have no trouble viewing those photos or inviting friends.

Finally, a bug was fixed where messages that failed to send appeared as they were sent from (‘…’) in the chat room, along with the usual round of improvements in various functions and stability. You can download the new and improved KakaoTalk Messenger right now from the Apple App Store. Let us know how it works for you in the comments!

  • Rodney P

    Much better actually. Still a bit slow but at least it works.

  • Andy Quek

    Wondering when are they gonna fix the issues with Windows Phone?
    1. Unable to send out messages,
    2. Messages which I receive will only come in days later although I receive toast notification about any new message. But when I load up the app, there just isn’t any there waiting for me.
    I’ve twit KakaoTalk about it on numerous occasions, but there just isn’t any reply from them.

    • Hi Andy! Thanks for your comment!

      Unfortunately, KakaoTalk has been tight-lipped with a lot of their users regarding changes or updates and usually only provides general information through their official channels. I will bring up the Windows Phone issues with them and see if I can find out more information and update everyone on TruTower with my findings. 🙂