June 1, 2023

Video Calling Feature “In Development” For Android and iPhone Versions of LINE App

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Japan-based Naver’s popular LINE application, currently available for Android, iPhone, Windows 8, and Windows Phone devices, has long since included voice capability, at least for the Android and iPhone versions, but has left many wondering when or if video calling will be a part of the app’s future.

Thankfully, this is indeed the case. Naver has confirmed to us that video calling is currently “in development” for both Android and iPhone devices, and “should be ready in the near future.” A specific date, of course, was not confirmed by the company, and won’t be announced until the development cycle for the feature has matured a little more.

LINE recently added new languages to the Android version and new Emoji stickers to the iteration for iOS. The application also surpassed 100 million users as of January 18 and is currently still growing at a rapid pace.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages and we’ll keep digging for an official date of release for this feature. Once we have confirmed a date, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.