September 29, 2022

Cardup for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Receives Friend Finder, Activity Feed

Cardup Calling App, Voice Over IP for iOS, Cardup Free Calling App

Remember our Startup Spotlight feature in mid-March that featured the Cardup app for iOS? Well, the new application has just received its first update of April as we said it would in that previous article.

As expected, Cardup version 1.2 adds the ability to find and message family and friends as well as people nearby. In addition, the update adds an activity feed to the application so you can post status updates and read friend and family status updates a la Facebook or Google Plus.

Cardup is an application for iOS that also allows users to place low-cost outgoing calls that are running at two cents per minute in most places except for the United States, Canada, China, and India, where calls run at about half a cent ($.0050) per minute. With the new messaging feature, the app brings itself into market to compete with the likes of Viber or Tango but differentiates itself with lower prices than those competitors can offer by pushing advertisements to users before outgoing calls are made.

The app is also planned for development for Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry devices in the future.