Toggle Mobile Launching Enhanced SIM Card, United States Numbers Coming Soon

Toggle Mobile revealed to us in May of its intent to launch in the U.S. this summer, and it looks as if the company will keep its promise. We have just received one of the brand new SIM cards (shown above) to beta test.

The new Toggle SIM comes with seven countries burned in while the old SIM only had the UK

The new SIM card is very much like the old SIM with one major difference: it comes with 7 countries burned into it — Belgium, the United States, France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, and Germany — along with the UK. Users can also choose an optional country among the remaining Toggle countries in which to use the service, and are also able to roam in additional countries. By comparison, the old SIM only came with the UK burned and required users to register online before traveling in order to take advantage of local rates.

Toggle is also in the process of simplifying the “whole Customer Journey and Experience” which encompasses the service as well as an upcoming website revamp planned for September. Keep in mind, however, that due to the nature of the unannounced time frames, it’s possible the information contained within this article can change at anytime.

Toggle will be releasing US numbers within “a couple of weeks”

Finally, Toggle also revealed to us that Toggle Mobile numbers in the US would be available within “a couple weeks” but did not have a particular launch date. For now, we will be testing the new SIM without a local US number. As soon as we find out anything more, we’ll be sure to post it here on TruTower on our official Toggle Mobile page. Stay tuned!

  • SamSam

    Awesome! Can’t wait to make the switch!

    What about data bundles? Any word on when they’ll launch?

    • Hi SamSam!

      Unfortunately, no word yet on data plans. but I’ll keep my eyes and ears to the ground and let you know as soon as possible 🙂

  • adam4348

    So what advantage does Toggle have over Truphone?

    • adam4348

      Or any other SIM card service? I’m not trolling, just really want to know.

      • Yazzie

        It really just depends on what you’re looking for

      • pipslvr

        Many more countries and cheaper rates across the board.

  • Sim depot

    Sounds good, but I’d rather just take a local sim beforehand

    • Yazzie

      Local SIMs are good, but not always the best way to go when you’re wanting to call long distance internationally. Global SIMs can often be cheaper 🙂

    • pipslvr

      While they work, I find using local SIMs rather annoying. You have to figure out how to buy them when you get to your destination and this is not always easy. Some countries want proof of residence, figuring out rates and what you are getting can be difficult, you get a different number every time and most of them expire after you leave. Not optimal.

      Here is hoping that world affordable SIMs will become reality.

      • NoMoreHeroes

        This is so true. Actually, I may stick with Toggle Mobile for the long term once they launch with US numbers and bundles. Free incoming calls and all that should keep my bill pretty low and I’m always on Wifi for data

      • TreyP

        Everyone should switch to Global SIMs such as Toggle or others featured here on this site. Their rates are low enough that it wouldn’t be hard to manage them long-term and I fail to see the point in national-only SIMs in today’s connected world. This site is the best ever for global SIM news and it should be supported as well.

  • pipslvr

    what does it mean ‘it comes with 7 countries burned into it’?

    • Hi pipslvr!

      It means that the number is already in the SIM card so you don’t need to register before you travel to any if those countries to benefit from local rates there. But, the number is not visible to the customer until he or she registers online for that country’s local number.

      Example: you are traveling to Spain tomorrow.
      1. You just need local rates but don’t need local number: don’t need to register before you travel.
      2. You need local rates but also a Spanish local number: you still need to go online and register for Spanish number.

      • MB

        With the current SIM, the number is lost after 30 days (unless you purchase it for a year). How does it work with the new SIM? Can people still reach you on the Spanish number after 30 days (does the number remain active after registering once)?

        • Hi MB!

          Toggle has informed me that other than the changes listed above, everything else will remain the same as it is with the current SIM card 🙂

          So your number will still expire at the same time as before.