Having problems with KakaoTalk for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? If so, you’ll be glad to know that a new update has been pushed out of South Korea that attempts to alleviate a number of ailments for KakaoTalkers.

One such issue occurred when some users attempted to update to the previous version of the app, which added improvements to both iOS 6 and iOS 7. Indeed, the update does fix this issue in our tests, so users should be able to update to their hearts’ content.

Another fix out of Seoul solved a problem where the passcode field was filled with black when certain themes were applied. We never experienced this issue in any of our themes, so we’re not sure exactly which themes in which this had been occurring. Another theme-induced error occurred in chat rooms and apparently caused chat rooms to display improperly. Both of these bugs have now been eradicated.

Last but not least, the update fixed a bug where the back button (arrow with an X on it) in the basic emoticon tab did not work properly.

Be sure to grab the latest update from iTunes, and don’t forget to check out our official KakaoTalk page for even more content about your favorite social app!