Confirmed: Truphone Quietly Lowers the Rates of Its International Roaming SIM

Truphone recently lowered the rates of its global roaming SIM card, and they were lowered so quietly, they nearly passed us by without notice.

Fortunately, one of our readers did notice and tipped us on the rate change. We needed a little more to go by so we took to Twitter to try and get this rate drop confirmed ourselves. Apparently, Truphone has indeed lowered its rates “slightly”, and we’ve been able to confirm the drop has gone into effect for United States customers, bringing US roamers just a little closer to the lower rates enjoyed by their European neighbors that went into effect July 1.

We haven’t yet noticed rate changes for other countries around the world, but if you do happen to notice rate reductions anywhere else, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Thanks David Levy for the tip!

  • CaliGuy4000

    Still not as low as EU but eh, it’s a start.

    By the way, your new SIM4Travel page is awesome lol. Good walk down memory lane for us former SIM4Travel nuts 😉

  • William Y.

    It has? How do you figure? The rates look the same to me.

    • Hi William!

      It was an incremental change. Data rates are slightly lower.

      Trust me, it was very difficult to notice for me too!

      • William Y.

        Oh, is it that the rate checker doesn’t show them yet? Or am I misremembering the old rate?

        • Yazzie

          I think it’s showing the lower new rate now. The old rate went earlier this month I believe if I remember correctly?

          It was pretty hard to notice and youd think theyd announce it.

          • William Y.

            What was the old rate?

  • David Levy

    data rates have gone from about $2.10/MB to $0.55, nearly 75% reduction! and not just for US residents, I was just checking, for residents of any country. Call rates within EU down nearly 40%. Not sure why folks are saying “slight” reductions, there is now parity with EU residents.

    • Thanks for the extra info David!

      I say “slightly” because I’m mirroring what Truphone said in the Twitter reply it posted above, which is why it’s in quotes. 🙂

      No doubt that these new rates will go a long way in keeping holidays and vacations quite a bit cheaper for every Truphone customer!