March 27, 2023

Tango Introduces Fast Chat Into Its VoIP and Messaging Application for Android

Tango Messaging, Entertainment, Tango VoIP App

Tango has really been embracing games lately, but we can’t, of course, forget the functionality at the app’s core. With that in mind, have you ever received a message in Tango and wished there was a way to reply to it without having to open the app straight away and hit the trusty “reply” button?

Well, now you can with Fast Chat, the “fastest way to reply to text messages,” according to Tango. Fast Chat allows you to reply to text messages even without launching Tango. New messages will appear with the sender’s profile picture and message preview.

It’s also worth noting that Fast Chat also works for your local SMS messages. You can enable the feature by accessing your Tango app’s Settings by pressing the Menu key on your device and selecting Settings and then enabling SMS Messaging. You’ll want to keep in mind that standard text messaging rates do apply.

The new Tango also introduces a number of unspecified bug fixes. Tango with the new application by downloading it through Google Play.