January 29, 2023

OneSimCard Direct for Android Adds Discount European Union Data Packages in Latest Update

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OneSimCard’s international SIM service is a great option for those looking to save money on both international roaming and long distance calls. Provided by Belmont Telecom, Inc., OneSimCard customers can add phone numbers in the U.S. and many other countries for an additional cost and keep calls local, similar to many other global carriers on the market.

OneSimCard Direct for Android is an extension of the service, making it more convenient to place calls while using the SIM via your Android mobile device. OneSimCard Direct hides the callback process when making outgoing calls, “eliminating the need to answer the ring when the call goes through.” With OneSimCard Direct installed, users are able to dial directly using the address book in their Android phones, which makes it much more convenient if you’re using your device while overseas.

The latest update, released yesterday, is the first since last month’s feature-adding update and adds discount European Union packages for those traveling within the region, making data roaming in the EU more cost effective while keeping the core OneSimCard service intact. The update doesn’t add anything beyond this, but anything that helps us save money is always a welcome addition in our books.

To take advantage of these rates, get the new version of OneSimCard Direct via Google Play.