November 27, 2022

Zello Walkie Talkie Receives “PTT Button Up” Alert Feature, More Bug Fixes in Version 2.32 for Android

Zello, Push to talk app, Walkie-talkie application

Less than a week ago, Zello Walkie Talkie had a few stray bugs taken care of. The latest Zello update, while it does kill a few more bugs, brings a lot more to the table as well.

Zello version 2.32 was released today. If you’ve ever had an outgoing Zello message interrupted for any reason, you’ll be happy to know that a “PTT button up” alert has been added and plays whenever this happens.

The rest of the new additions outline more bug fixes. A bug that prevented profile images from showing up when the Zello app is launched for the first time has been thwarted, as has a bug that caused played messages to play again when listening to message history in a channel.

Some users experienced a bug where an incoming call alert received when the app was not running was shown twice. This bug has also been swatted according to the developers.

Finally, a bug that prevented incoming channel invites from displaying was also fixed. If you continue experiencing these problems or have new issues pop up, let us know in the comments.

For now, you can pick up the latest update via Google Play