September 28, 2022

WeChat Partners With Chatime in Malaysia to Offer Digital Coupons for Customers in the Region

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It’s always great to see different apps make different strides beyond messaging and WeChat‘s recent partnership with Chatime, a lifestyle tea provider in Malaysia does just that. The partnership aims to bring digital coupons into the social application and will allow customers to redeem digital coupons through WeChat and purchase one million cups of Chatime worth more than $1.8 million USD.

From now until 27 October, WeChat users will be able to purchase their second cup of Chatime at $0.30 USD with every purchase of a normal priced beverage, simply by presenting their voucher at the point of sale in any Chatime outlet in Malaysia. The company has also set up an official account with which to provide customers with the latest updates and promotions, as well as give customers a way to voice their feedback via text, voice, and video message.

“WeChat is very innovative and revolutionary in every sense given its cool features that is in line with Chatime’s brand values,” said Bryan Loo, managing director of Chatime Malaysia. “The WeChatime One Million Cups Celebration is just our first WeChat initiative to reward users and we look forward to many more.”

Other brands in the region have official WeChat accounts as well, including 7-Eleven in Taiwan. As WeChat and other apps expand beyond their messaging backbones, it will be interesting to see what they evolve into.