December 2, 2022

Want to Snapchat on Your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone? Snap2Chat Has Arrived

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Windows Phone users aren’t the only ones having to contend with a 3rd-party Snapchat app to send their temporary pictures and videos (that being said, Rudy Huyn’s app is top notch!). BlackBerry 10 users have to as well. Unlike Windows Phone, however, a version has not been hinted at all for the BB10 platform, so it looks like this could be the norm for awhile.

Don’t fret, though, BB fans, Snap2Chat has you covered. A public beta version has just been released and brings a host of new features designed to keep you snapping to your heart’s content.

Photo editing features come built into Snap2Chat for BlackBerry 10.

Features and abilities of the app include sending and viewing snaps, bright and dark theme options, and fast loading time. Photo editing features are built in, and users have the ability to set the lifetime of their snaps. A customizable title bar color and main tab are also in the mix, along with the basic Snapchat features like “pull to refresh,” press and hold to view, and of course, double tap to reply. Users can also send snaps to an unlimited number of friends.

A number of camera features are also part of the release:

  • Set Front or Rear Camera
  • Set Aspect Ratio
  • Set Flash Mode
  • Set Shooting Mode
  • Set Focus Mode
  • Set Scene Mode

Editing features include the ability to add captions as a simulation, meaning the recipient of the Snap2chat message won’t be able to see any caption.

Snap2Chat supports BlackBerry OS 10.0 or above and should work on all devices. Get the BAR file to sideload the app via the CrackBerry forums.