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Anyone who’s ever had a prepaid mobile phone account knows that sometimes loading your account isn’t always as simple as it could be, and someone loading your account for you can be a hassle. Those are situations that Rebtel hopes to fix today with the launch of its brand new app, Sendly.

With Sendly, Rebtel is aiming toward the pay-as-you-go audience as well as emerging markets; the app allows users to send money to any prepaid mobile subscriber in more than 50 countries, including China, India, Mexico, Nigeria and the Philippines, with more countries being added soon. Using the app should be enough to ensure that you’ll never have a hard time staying in touch with a loved one. Sendly lets anyone send credit straight to a user’s prepaid mobile phone account; all they need to know is that user’s phone number.

Sendly lets users send credit straight to anyone’s prepaid account using only the subscriber’s phone number.

“We know that the people who use our calling app the most are those with family and friends in other countries. With Sendly, we want to give millions of callers an easier and quicker way to provide their loved ones with credit to use on calls, texts and data,” Mans Ullerstam, Product Owner at Sendly said. “The ability to send mobile credit to prepaid phone users is another big step we’re taking as a leading communications platform that’s powering stronger connections between individuals, businesses, and mobile subscribers around the globe.”

Sendly replaces the sometimes overly complicated money transfer process with only three main steps:

  • Select a phone number imported from your contact list.
  • Choose the amount of credit you’d like to send to that person.
  • Confirm payment, and obtain immediate confirmation.

“With the launch of Sendly, Rebtel now has two complimentary services that offer excellent value to our users” Rebtel CEO Andreas Bernström said. “Combined with our loyal base of existing customers, offering mobile top up as a service is a great opportunity to grow our company, and we expect it will mirror our success in the international calling market with a fair and honest approach that makes staying connected to family and friends much smoother.”

“With the launch of Sendly, Rebtel now has two complimentary services that offer excellent value to our users.”

Rebtel also launched its SDK for app developers back in April of this year and the company says it will continue to look at additional opportunities in 2014 in becoming the fabric of new communications applications.

Along with today’s launch of Sendly, Rebtel has forged a partnership with Unicef, where $1 for each of the first 10,000 transactions will go to support the needs of the children in the Philippines.

Users can find out more about Sendly via the app’s website, and download it via Google Play or iTunes.

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