February 6, 2023

New “Shamrock” Filter Launches to Keep Your ooVoo Pinches at Bay

ooVoo, ooVoo calling features, St Patrick's Day

With each new holiday brings a new ooVoo filter or feature, and that tradition continues for St. Patrick’s Day with the debut of the “Shamrock” filter.

Keep your Irish spirit alive during your calling and messaging conversations while avoiding the dreaded “pinch” for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day (though if they’re some distance away from you, maybe you might be able to get away with it).

The Shamrock filter is the next in a line of features added to celebrate various holidays, including a Valentine’s Day “Be Mine” filter and a creepy Zombie surprise for Halloween. Unlike the aforementioned filters, though, the Shamrock filter was specially designed to keep you from experiencing any physical pain as a result of your negligence.

To experience the new Shamrock filter for yourself, be sure to grab the new ooVoo update via the Google Play Store. No word yet on availability for additional platforms.