February 6, 2023

BBM for Android Updated to Include Sharing of Emoticons in Statuses, A Few Optimizations

BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, Android

If you’re one of many who are running BlackBerry Messenger on your smartphones, you’ll find a new update in Google Play.

This new update to the popular messaging application includes a fix to enable sharing of emoticons in status updates, which have been getting a little less love since the arrival of stickers. Still, for those who prefer using the classic emoticons, this is a welcome new addition.

The update also improves the response time when opening BBM chat and group screens in addition to addressing some issues that “some” users may have experienced when receiving a web address in a BBM chat. So far, we haven’t experienced any issues with sending or receiving these URLs, and we haven’t heard any users complain about this either, so it does appear to be confined to a limited number of users.

Finally, the update also includes optimizations to battery life when on a BBM Voice call.

If you haven’t already, you can download the new update via Google Play.