December 9, 2022

Nimbuzz Launches Stickers on Android to Help Friends, Family, and Random Chatters Stick Together

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Stickers have become somewhat of a standard on the modern messaging application. Stickers vary by character on each app, and many are similar, but all offer something that is at least somewhat unique to the app they’re featured on. Nimbuzz has become the latest app to embrace this trend with the release of stickers on its Android application.

Stickers provide emotion where old-fashioned emoticons just don’t cut it. As stated by Tanay Chaturvedi, Nimbuzz’s Assistant Manager in Marketing: “Pictures are slightly cooler, slightly more fun and well a whole lot more expressive.”

stickers will be “spreading to other operating systems” in just a “matter of days”

Nimbuzz users can send stickers in One to one chats, group chats and conversations with random users in chat rooms. All stickers are available in Nimbuzz’s N-World store with some stickers available for free while others can be purchased.

Right now, stickers are exclusive to Android, but that’s not going to last long; Nimbuzz has hinted that the stickers will be “spreading to other operating systems” in just a “matter of days.”

In the meantime, Android users can Download the latest version of Nimbuzz right here.