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Voxer had made a prediction that 2014 would be the “Year of Instantaneous Voice Communication” back in December, and the company’s latest release — coupled with the recent Windows Phone launch of Voxer Business — appear to be fully aligned with that goal.

A redesigned experience with speed and functionality in mind

The latest version of the push-to talk (PTT) application, Voxer 3.0, has been completely redesigned and delivers a much faster experience, along with extended battery life and new UI design with the intent on delivering a “seamless and content rich push-to-talk experience,” and Voxer has focused the new version on both speed and functionality. New features of the iOS7 app include:

  • Speed: Voxer 3.0 leverages improvements in the networking layer (iSPDY) to dramatically lower latency and message delivery time. In addition, notifications are now pre-loaded on devices — reducing message access times once the app is launched.
  • More intuitive interface: With a flat design that is consistent with the iOS platform, Voxer 3.0 leverages native icons wherever possible to deliver an intuitive experience. Chat bubbles and controls emphasize app content, allowing users to focus on the information that is most important to them, while retaining familiar Voxer features and components. The push-to-talk button is 26% larger for easier access.
  • Improved battery life: By updating the way the audio engine is used by the app, Voxer is able to better preserve battery life, especially when using walkie-talkie mode. Walkie- talkie mode streams audio live, as it is received, so the user can listen to messages immediately, even when the screen is locked or the user is not in Voxer.
  • Read receipts: Users now have access to heard/read receipts and location information. When group messaging, the data will appear on a per user basis.
  • Unlimited data storage: Voxer Pro users can now store an unlimited number of their audio, text or voice messages.

“we are centered on delivering a fast, intuitive way of communicating”

“At Voxer, we are centered on delivering a fast, intuitive way of communicating. We constantly strive to reduce latency and lower the time it takes for people to respond to each other,” said Irv Remedios, head of product at Voxer. “The upgrades in Voxer 3.0 take that experience to an entirely new level by creating a cutting-edge user interface, and going full throttle in terms of speed. With this release, Voxer users are transported from simple push-to-talk to instantaneous communication.”

You can get the new Voxer 3.0 for iOS7 here. If you’re using Voxer Business, don’t worry; Voxer also plans to make features available to Voxer Business users “soon.”

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By Josh Robert Nay

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