January 29, 2023

Subscribing to An Official Account via WeChat for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

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Official (Subscription) Accounts are one of the most important parts of the WeChat platform. Unlike similar features of other apps, WeChat’s service works entirely across iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone, so you don’t have to worry about getting an “incompatible” message or being sent an app or game that you’re unable to play. For new users, finding and subscribing to Official Accounts can be confusing.

The process is really quite easy and is one that’s very similar across the different platforms. Before you attempt to subscribe to any Official Accounts, though, it’s recommended that you install the latest version of WeChat onto your device.

After you’ve logged in, scroll or tap your way to your Contacts tab or screen. You should see an Official Accounts option available to you on this screen (Windows Phone users will see a Subscription Accounts option, but it’s the same thing). Tap on this option to access the list of Official Accounts you’ve subscribed to. It may be blank if you haven’t subscribed to any.

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Access the search option using the search icon on Android and iOS or by tapping the three horizontal dots (menu option) on Windows Phone and tapping Search. Simply type in the user name (if you know it) of the Official Account you’d like to follow and hit search. If you don’t know the user name, you can try locating the QR code for the Official Account. For instance, TruTower’s Official Account QR code is located at the right.

If you’re not sure how to scan a QR code, refer to our Adding and Finding Friends on WeChat Tutorial.

Finally, simply tap the Subscribe button and you’re ready to go!