February 6, 2023

Microsoft Brings Free Real-Time Messaging via Skype to Office Online

Word Online with Skype, Skype business chats, Skype for the workplace

Skype is just about everywhere (and we mean everywhere), and is steadily becoming something of a standard for both work and personal use as can be seen with the company’s recent rebranding of Microsoft Lync to Skype for Business.

Today, Skype is getting little closer with your office with the announced integration with Microsoft Office Online. Now, when using Word or PowerPoint online, you can start collaborating with someone by simply clicking the ‘Chat’ button.

Once you’re finished with your work and have left the document, you can even continue chatting with the same people on your desktop or phone via Skype, and when you’re working on a document together, you can simply chime in.

This is a natural extension to Skype’s integration with Outlook.com and now you’ll be able to do the same at Office.com.

Of course, you can also still find Skype on most major mobile platforms.

What do you think of the new Skype with Office integration?