February 6, 2023

Cotap Launches Download-Free Universal Messaging URLs for Enterprise Users

Cotap is a new startup that was founded this year by former Yammer executives as a competitor to applications such as Skype for Business (formerly Lync) as well as a wide array of other chat applications. The big difference between Cotap and some other apps is that it markets itself toward the enterprise rather than the consumer.

Starting today, Cotap now lets users send messages to one another via a URL on Cotap.me rather than having to download the application itself. Cotap.me URLs can be shared in lieu of a mobile phone number and can be included in an email signature, LinkedIn profile, Twitter bio, blog post, business card or anywhere else contact information is shared, which should also keep things a little more secure.

Cotap, WhatsApp for the workplace, enterprise version of whatsapp

“Cotap.me is an easy way to make yourself instantly accessible to all of your business contacts” without downloading an app

Speaking of security, Cotap users will be able to create unique, secure URLs for group conversations as well as personalized URLs for the 1-on-1 conversation. These URLs can then be sahred so that coworkers and business contacts from other companies can instantly join a discussion with multiple participants, similar to a chat room.

“Cotap.me is an easy way to make yourself instantly accessible to all of your business contacts, without needing to share your personal phone number or ask anyone to download a separate app. It’s a fast, convenient way to start a conversation or expedite an issue that is stuck in email,” said Jim Patterson, CEO and co-founder, Cotap. “Today, you can share documents with your coworkers via URL with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive — now, with Cotap.me, you can share conversations the same way.”

While it may not be an app per se, it does also allow other platforms to partake in chats as well, particularly if they’re unable to download Cotap in the first place. It also allows Cotap to work across devices, similar to other apps with web versions like Voxer.