February 5, 2023

Snapchat “Plans” to Make Its App Available on Windows Phone “In the Future”

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One of the few social and messaging apps that has yet to be released on Windows Phone is Snapchat and it’s a pretty big miss.

While in the past we had third-party apps like 6snap to keep us company while we waited, it and many other apps were burned to dust when Snapchat decided to tighten its grip on allowing third-party apps to access its features and accounts.

Thankfully, it looks like the company’s starting to warm up to the idea of releasing its app on Windows Phone:

This marks the first real confirmation we’ve seen from Snapchat, and it’s quite possible that this is largely due to Windows 10’s iOS and Android development features.

Unfortunately, there’s not yet a release date, but we’ll certainly keep you informed here on TruTower should any new information come to light.