Apple iPad 3, iOS 5.1

Apple iPad 3, iOS 5.1

So, can the iPad 3 maintain Apple’s tablet market share this year? Rumor has it that the new tablet computer will ship with Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology onboard, a quad-core CPU, and a new high-definition screen that will sport more pixels per inch than the screen of the iPad 2 (and is also rumored to be higher density than even some HD television screens).

Rumors also suggests that the iPad 3 will still follow the March release. However, this year is different because, as mentioned, Apple will introduce LTE for the United States, while maintaining the 3G in other countries due to wireless network technology differences.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is counting on the new model to ward off mounting competition in a market that Apple pioneered two years ago. After its debut in 2010, the iPad emerged as the company’s second-biggest source of revenue — after the iPhone — and inspired rival products from and Samsung. Apple has sold more than 40 million iPads to date, generating at least $25.3 billion in sales.

The Truphone App continues to be the great VoIP option for iPad users, and if the iPad 3 walks the same line as its predecessors, this could result in even more people using Tru in the future. Here’s hoping Tru will have the app updated and ready.


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