Truphone Voice Over IP, Tru VoIP, Windows Linux Ubuntu

Truphone Voice Over IP, Tru VoIP, Windows Linux Ubuntu

Update: Tru Labs has confirmed that the Windows Phone 8 app will not be available in the next release. They are looking into developing the app for Windows Phone 8 in the future as we previously reported, but there is no ETA at this time.

Update 2: Tru has confirmed that the iPad version of the VoIP App can recieve background calls, but we have gotten reports to the contrary from customers.

It’s not much, but we have received a few inside details about Tru’s upcoming VoIP App for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Desktop, and Windows Phone (yup, Windows Phone). Let’s get right to it.

The app is being built from the ground up. Tru will be placing a great amount of emphasis on the quality of the app, and it will not be rushed out at all. They are taking some things out, and adding some new things in, and are working to make sure their current and future apps support the same core feature set.

All apps will be shipped under the Tru Labs banner. Customers will be able to get beta builds at Labs as well as official releases (platform dependent). What this means is that new features will likely appear in Labs before they appear in the app stores.

Furthermore, the VoIP app will support background data for iOS devices and, as we previously reported, will also be available for Windows Phone 8.

Tru also appears to be working on making the GSM and apps work together, which opens up nearly endless possibilities.

While a release date for the new VoIP app hasn’t been officially announced as of yet, we hope it doesn’t take too long, and we will definitely keep you updated here on TruTower should any new details surface.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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