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Update: Today, Apple has sent out invitations to the March 7 event, which will be held in the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in San Francisco. Many experts do expect Apple to announce the iPad 3 at the event.

As we previously reported, the hotly anticipated iPad 3 from Apple is due for an early March announcement. What we didn’t have before was the date, now rumored as March 7th, when Apple intends to announce the iPad 3 at their event.

Even though the iPad 3 has yet to be announced, retailers are already preparing to slash the price of the iPad 2. US retailer Radio Shack has dropped the iPad 2 prices by $20-50 USD. The 16GB version has been reduced by $20. Best Buy has cut the price by $50.

While Best Buy’s rates are only temporary, all indications are that the new prices at Radio Shack are permanent drops. Retailers are likely to lower their asking price even further after the iPad 3’s full disclosure, so if you’re looking to obtain the iPad 2, it may be best to wait until after March 7th.

While it is not certain if these price cuts are indeed in answer to the probable iPad 3 announcement or if they are attempts by retailers to move more product, it has been largely assumed as the former, and there is plenty of evidence to support this theory. Radio Shack, however, has gone on record saying their price cuts have nothing to do with the iPad 3.

We also reported on some rumored features of the iPad 3. So far, these rumors have all but eluded verification for the most part.

Next week, our questions will be answered and we can finally have an iPad 3 article that’s not in the Rumor bin. Until then, we’re left with more questions, but we’re hopeful that Tru App users will be using VoIP on the world’s newest iPad very soon.

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