Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Microsoft Cuts Touch Screen Latency to 1 Millisecond

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Have you ever noticed that there is a serious amount of lag between when you move your finger on a touchscreen and when it actually registers that input? Try it on your touchscreen phone, your tablet, or your Nintendo 3DS.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the lag until now, but, as mentioned in the video above, most panels and controllers out there do indeed suffer from about a 100ms delay.

Granted, for most taps and slow swipes that’s not really an issue, but, as you wing your finger around the screen faster and faster (such as drawing squiggly lines), the lag becomes quite apparent.

Well, the amazing minds at Microsoft have come up with the best solution: make the touchscreen more responsive. They have figured out a way to get the 100ms delay down to a much, much more efficient 1ms.

This technology may not make it into your phones, tablets, or gaming systems anytime soon, but it’s still amazing to see how bright the future could look for all touch screen devices.