Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

Google Play App Store Updated to Version 3.5.19, Seems to Be Performance Fix

Google Play, Android App Store, Android Market

Google has just pushed out a new version of their Google Play Store to Android devices as of yesterday. The new store update carries the version number 3.5.19.

Though there hasn’t been any official word on the changes and no changelog has been made available by Google, early reports indicate a slightly faster experience while searching in the Android app store and the update also appears to have fixed some purchasing and force closing issues experienced by some customers. So far, this lends credibility to the assumption that the upgrade is a simple fix, released solely to improve the overall experience for Android users rather than add new features or functionality to the platform.

We’re not sure if these reports are accurate, nor exactly what the update has changed. We haven’t noticed any changes so far. Did you get the update yet? Let us know what you see different (if anything) in the comments!