Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

One Direction Racks Up $22,000 in Roaming Costs While on Tour, Experiences “Bill Shock”

One Direction, Boy Band, Tour 2012

Even celebrities can have over-the-top phone bills as British-Irish boy band One Direction recently found out. While on tour, the five artists racked up a $22,000 USD (13,904 GPB) phone bill!

According to a recent Huffington Post report, it happened seemingly without the boys realizing it.

“…they got … a lecture on finances, and how to handle their money”

“In the end they got called in for a meeting and given a lecture on finances, and how to handle their money. It is vital wealth does not go to their heads. Their bills got signed off and the boys will not be making the same mistake again,” an anonymous source told the Daily Mirror.

Hopefully they won’t be. One Direction has embarked on another entertaining international journey. Perhaps they should use a little more caution when using Twitter on this journey? Or better yet, use a global roaming SIM provider like Maxroam or Truphone. According to that anonymous source, they very well could be.

Photo: Kiss925