Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S III Available For Pre-Order on Amazon in the United States

Samsung Galaxy S III, Unlock Galaxy S III, Unlocked Smartphones

If you just have to have a Samsung Galaxy S III before anyone else in the US and get a head start with using the device on your SIM service without those annoying US carrier “customizations,” Amazon has you covered.

Amazon is allowing customers in the US to pre-order 16GB versions of both Marble White and Pebble Blue Samsung GS3 devices (I’m partial to the Pebble Blue myself).

Regardless of which color you choose, either will keep the speedy Exynos Quad and will stay unlocked, which makes it a perfect candidate for all of you GSM users.

Of course, expect to pay a steep premium for being the first kid on your block to have one; at $800, you’d better be happy with that HSPA+ device. It would be unfortunate to pay that much for something you don’t like. That being said, from what we have gathered about the new Galaxy, it’s sure to keep you hopping and happy until (maybe) next year (if you’re like me and switch devices far too often).

Pebble Blue, Marble White (via UnwiredView)