Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Apple Request to Ban Samsung Galaxy S III in the U.S. Denied

Apple Samsung lawsuit, Android Copyright infringement, iPhone Patents

Apple Samsung lawsuit, Android Copyright infringement, iPhone Patents

Android and Samsung fans in the U.S. who are looking to score the Galaxy S III for use with their Tru SIM or Tru App service can enjoy their own little victory dance, as Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple’s request for a sales ban of Samsung’s latest flagship in the U.S.

Her Honor put her foot down, saying that adding any more litigation to the already overcrowded docket would cause the courtroom action to be postponed again.

“The stalemate is much more of a victory for the accused infringers than it is for Apple,” said Brian Love, a professor at Stanford Law School who studies patent litigation.

Koh last week said Apple could ask for a temporary restraining order against the Galaxy S III phone, but that would likely delay the trial over a Galaxy tablet and other smartphones. In her order on Monday, the judge said Apple would have to request a new hearing date if it wanted to stop sales of the Galaxy S III phone. That likely would not take place before the phone’s scheduled launch. Apple subsequently relented, eager to get the trial proper started, which is currently slated to begin on June 21st.