Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

HTC: Another Tablet Coming to the UK

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VoIP callers in the UK will have another tablet with which to enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends if HTC has anything to say about it. According to PC Advisor, the company has plans to launch another tablet in Her Majesty’s backyard.

The Flyer remains the last tablet to arrive. The Jetstream never made it to British shores due to the lack of 4G networks.

Although there’s no release date for this mystery tablet yet, HTC reportedly waited until it “had something unique to offer” and “will make sure it has a unique selling point,” the spokesperson said.

It remains a very vague tease, with no promise of a launch even within the year and not even a clarification as to whether the OS will be Android, Windows 8, or something else altogether. Still, it looks as though, with HTC wanting to offer its customers a unique experience, it looks to avoid releasing a device that is defined as “just another Android tablet.”