Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

iPhone 3GS Gets New Features With iOS 6 Beta

iPhone 3GS International Roaming, iPhone 3GS running iOS 6, iOS 6 beta release

The iPhone 3GS isn’t quite out of the smartphone update game just yet, though it is clearly showing signs of aging, especially with the recent release of iOS 6 beta 3. Still, it has aged much better than its predecessors.

The iPhone 3GS is not getting a number of the new features that the upgrade offers (such as turn-by-turn navigation), but at least a few new features are making their way to the phone, such as shared Photo Streams and VIP email, both now supported on iPhone 3GS devices running iOS 6 beta 3.

Apple has updated the iOS 6 information page to remove the previously listed restrictions. Previously both features were only available on the iPhone 4 or later. If you want any of the additional features, you’ll have to shell out the cash for the iPhone 4S or wait until the iPhone 5 comes knocking.

Apple (via The Verge)