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Windows Phone 8 is one of the most anticipated launches in the tech industry in a good long time, and according to a ZDNet report citing an unnamed source, Microsoft is set to launch Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29, with smartphones being available for purchase by November.

Microsoft could be holding an event on October 29th that will welcome the new platform, which will share many similarities between its bigger Windows 8 desktop cousin, including the ability for apps to be easily ported between the two platforms by developers.

Samsung Electronics yesterday officially unveiled the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone at the IFA conference in Berlin, a 4.8-inch AMOLED, 1.5GHz dual-core, HSPA+ 42mbps machine that is dubbed the Ativ S. Samsung did not disclose any pricing or availability information.

As we reported earlier, Nokia is expected to unveil its own first Windows Phone 8 devices on Sept. 5. Microsoft said in a company blog post that the Ativ S “is just the first in a big lineup of new hardware that’s coming with Windows Phone 8.” And, as The Verge notes, a stronger Windows Phone ecosystem with more enthusiasm around it can only benefit Nokia, which has staked its future on Windows Phone. Nokia even had employees at Samsung’s event with signs that read, “Samsung: Nokia welcomes you back to Windows Phone.” Most of Samsung’s smartphones run Android.

Some observers have said that Microsoft and Nokia will benefit from Apple’s $1 billion patent-infringement win against Samsung. It’s too early to tell whether this is true or not, but it is certain that Microsoft could have a heavy hitter on its hands this year.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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