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Truphone has been really pushing the Business side of their Truphone SIM service as of late; “The World on Sale” is their latest push in the sector. “The World on Sale” is providing Business customers with a little holiday cheer by providing unique savings for start-up and activation fees.

According to the Truphone for Business website, businesses can expect a 25% discount off “Truphone’s already-compelling voice, data and SMS mobile plans and usage rates anywhere in the Truphone network of over 200 countries – for the entire term of your agreement!” In addition, the company is waiving all $35 activation fees.

If you’re a business and you are looking to save a little money on roaming abroad, now would be the perfect time to invest in Truphone and keep costs down. The promotion lasts until December 31, 2012 and businesses can “cancel within the first 90 days with no obligation.”

The full press release follows, courtesy of PRNewswire:

The World on Sale’: Truphone’s Holiday Gift to Businesses

Company’s promotional offer is 25-percent discount off already compelling mobile rates – in more than 200 countries

DURHAM, N.C., Dec. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In the spirit of the holiday season, Truphone, the mobile operator for the international traveler, today announced “The World on Sale” offer that gives international business travelers discounts of an additional 25 percent off its already compelling standard mobile rates around the world.

Offering business-class voice, data and SMS service in more than 200 countries, Truphone helps businesses avoid bill shock and reduce costs of international mobile roaming. The company supports leading smartphones and uses innovations such as an intelligent network, a unique multi-identity SIM card and its own “least cost roaming” approach to offer significant savings to business people making calls, sending texts and accessing data networks when home or abroad. By comparison, traditional GSM wireless carriers only use a single-identity SIM with their networks.

“Truphone delivers typical cost savings for businesses of 30 to 60 percent compared to other providers. The added 25 percent discount is a special promotion that’s good for the full term of a contract,” said Gary S. Cohen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Truphone Americas.

“Truphone is so confident you will be happy with our service that we will allow you to cancel at any time within the first 90 days, with no penalty or further obligation,” he said.

Truphone’s service works with all major mobile devices. Its offer is especially rich for Blackberry users who travel internationally. The plan includes a generous allocation of voice, text and data, and features unlimited Blackberry Email across the entire Truphone network of more than 200 countries.

“We believe the discounted pricing of our ‘Blackberry Pack’ promotional offer is extraordinary compared to what’s available to business users elsewhere,” said Cohen. “We know that subscribers who sign up with Truphone will quickly realize the benefits of staying connected internationally for a very reasonable cost.”

To learn more specific details of Truphone’s “World on Sale” offer or to sign up, customers should visit or call 1-888-996-6245. The promotional offer is available to U.S. business customers and expires December 31, 2012.

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