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Following in the footsteps of Irish Rail in Dublin, Ireland, Dutch rail operator Arriva Netherlands is rolling out free Wi-Fi internet access on all of its trains according to a report obtained through TravelDailyNews.

The 20Mbps service — which is being provided by Nomad Digital — was initially available in a test pilot program of ten trains early 2011 and has been extended to the last 51 trains and 38 new Stadler trains going into service by the end of 2012 due to high passenger demand. All 99 trains under the Arriva Netherlands banner will be equipped with the new Wi-Fi by the end of January.

“People are getting increasingly used to WiFi wherever they go – whether in restaurants or public places – with travellers wanting to get more out of their travel time by always staying connected,” says Patrick Egbertzen, key account manager at Nomad Digital.

In future, the company says it is considering improving passenger information on trains by adding an internet portal which can be used to display real-time updates and special offers, among other additional benefits.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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