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Nokia’s EOS Windows Phone might not be the only new WP device on the block with a mega-camera. Using an Infographic that spotlights the various milestones in the history of photography, Taiwan-based HTC has teased that a new “camera experience” is coming for its soon-to-be-announced M7 flagship handset, making Microsoft’s operating system the clear OS of choice for photo buffs.

In a blog post entitled A Brief History of Photography, the company spotlights history from Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre’s daguerreotype image (the first form of photography) to the release of the Nokia 808 PureView last year. With the EOS on the horizon, it definitely appears that HTC is trying to push their own device into the spotlight ahead of Nokia’s.

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There have been rumors recently that HTC is planning to integrate a new kind of camera sensor into its devices this year; Pocket-lint reported that the company is about to unveil a 4.3 “ultrapixel” camera, though it’s not known whether the camera will function like a Foveon X3 sensor, which detects red, green, and blue light in three different layers, or would oversample its pixels like the PureView technology.

We’ll definitely be able to find out more on February 19th, when HTC is expected to announce the M7 at simultaneous events in New York and London.

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