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A new startup application called SociaLink looks to simplify the process of social networking by using Bluetooth technology to make it easier to find, meet and follow friends and acquaintances on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The SociaLink application was created by 20-year-old student, entrepreneur, and author Michael Jacobs, who began working on the application about 6 months ago.

“While in India this past summer on a study abroad program with my business school, I saw a need to simplify networking,” Jacobs told TruTower. “I was attending multiple networking and social events and was meeting different CEOs and executives at these events. I had a lot of difficulty connecting with all these people I was meeting because of the cultural differences (especially the difficult spelling of their names).”

Jacobs then began contemplating the idea of a social networking application that could simplify the process and eliminate the need to manually type and risk misspelling names of friends and acquaintances. The app also allows users to easily find friends without having to search through potentially long listings of people who may share the same name.

Work on SociaLink for iPhone officially began in Bangalore, where Jacobs interviewed a number of development companies and hired a team of successful entrepreneurs — including David Orr and Hector Rosales — that could take on the task of building SociaLink. Upon his return to the United States, Jacobs continued to manage the team from his home town of Tucson, Arizona.

“We have created a revolutionary iOS app that will change networking forever,” Jacobs said. “My passion for this idea has led me this far and I believe we will change the way people connect and network on social media.”

If someone doesn’t have SociaLink, users can share their profile links without having to wait for the other party to download the application. Using a built-in email share feature, users can click to share not only their profile links, but a link to download the SociaLink application.

“My vision is to have this application become a useful tool for those who are constantly meeting new people and networking. I believe this application can reach mass amounts of people and my goal is for it to spread. From there, we have some unique thoughts to expand upon the idea.”

As mentioned, the SociaLink application is currently available in the iTunes App Store, but Jacobs tells us that an Android version is also in the works.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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