Fri. May 29th, 2020

Front of Apple’s Upcoming “iPad 5” Reportedly Shown in Leaked Photograph

iPad 5th Gen, iPad 4, Apple's next iPad

If you’re enjoying your VoIP or messaging apps on an iPad, you’re no doubt looking ahead to the next iPad device and its specs and release.

Unfortunately, though there is no doubt Apple is working on a successor to the new iPad and its 4th-generation sister, the actual variants of the “news” and “leaks” are so variant, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. With photographs, though, the fact seems to shine through a lot more clearly.

The photo above was leaked online recently and features the same basic design as the iPad Mini and iPhone 5. As you can see, it shows the actual face plate of the next-generation tablet. The biggest difference compared to the aforementioned third and fourth generation devices is the narrower bezel that runs down the sides.

Of course, Apple is being Apple and is remaining tight-lipped about the new device and its existence, so specifications and detailed information are out of the question right now. Still, it’s a beacon of light for Apple fans who look forward to chatting with their friends and family on a shiny new generation of iPad, likely before the year is up.