Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

New Version of WhatsApp Messenger for Android Lets You Group Chat Even More

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Group chat is one of those features that people all over the world can agree helps keep conversations more interesting; the more people you have chatting and conversing together in one place, the more interesting each group conversation becomes. That’s why the latest update of WhatsApp Messenger for Android can help you keep those conversations more interesting than ever.

The new version, which carries the version number 2.9.5196, increases the number of allowable participants in group chat from 40 to 50 participants. While some may feel that 40 was plenty, the increase to 50 will undoubtedly benefit those out there who have more WhatsApp pals than they know what to do with.

The new version does, of course, keep all of the features and bug fixes from previous versions of the popular messaging app intact. If you’re ready to take your group conversations to the next level on Android, you can download WhatsApp via the Google Play store right now.