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If you’re feeling a bit left out of the DOODAD SIM service craze that’s been starting to go around since the new international SIM service launched earlier this month, don’t worry. DOODAD does indeed intend to bring the service beyond the United States to additional countries in the near future.

The first of these countries is Canada, where shipping for the service is now available for the first time. Canadians can now partake in the savings that many people in the U.S. have already experienced when traveling internationally or even using as an alternative phone service at home.

DOODAD is the latest in a growing number of global SIM card services that have become available in recent years, and it looks to differentiate itself on pricing and comes in both micro-SIM and mini-SIM variants.

Data prices are tiered based on the country, and users can look forward to paying 30 cents per MB in the United States, Australia, and South Korea. China and the United Kingdom will run about 60 cents per MB. If you’re looking to go to France and other parts of Europe, look forward to 90 cents per MB. Going to the more tropical areas of the world, including the Cayman Islands and Samoa, will cost you as high as $1.20 per MB.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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