If you’re one of the very few who are still using Android 2.1 Eclair or older, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that your KakaoTalk app has stopped working with version 3.7.0 released in the past week. Luckily, though, this problem didn’t last long, as KakaoTalk’s latest version fixes this problem, making the popular messaging app once again compatible with Eclair and older versions of the Android OS.

In addition to the compatibility fixes, the update also contains the features added in the previous update, including the display of stickers on the new message alert pop-up, loading speed improvements for images such as mini-profile images on friends list, the (most notable) revamped Plus Friend user interface, and other modifications.

If you’re ready to restore your KakaoTalk app to its rightful mobile messaging glory, you can pick up the latest update in the Google Play store (whose UI was also recently the target of a major revamp).