The Android Eclair compatibility update isn’t the only change that’s occurred with the KakaoTalk Messenger application. The update received yet another update today, its second in two days, that does some tweaking to the proximity sensor to flush out a bug that prevented the feature from working when using the “Free Call” option with certain devices.

Unfortunately, those expecting a major update will have to wait until next time, as this appears to be the only real change found in this version, which carries the version number of 3.7.2. Some of the bugs readers have been experiencing include the inability to log in on some devices, issues with launching the app, and some problems that cause the app to run slowly, particularly on older devices and so far there’s no indication that these bugs have been thwarted.

Of course, the update also contains the features and new UI added in the previous update on top of the aforementioned compatibility with Android 2.1 Eclair. If you’re ready to give the new version a go, you can download it right now via the Google Play store.