HTC Rezound, Verizon Wireless Android, International Roaming Smartphone

If you’re on any global GSM service or even just looking for the latest unlocked device, you may be happy to learn that the HTC Rezound has just been granted international roaming capability courtesy of an update from US-based Verizon Wireless. Or at least, it will in the near future.

Verizon published an article (PDF) announcing the update, which was announced by HTC some time ago. The phone itself was released back in November 2011, so while it took a year and a half for the data roaming update to be released, it’s nevertheless a warm welcome to the arsenal of unlocked phones compatible with our beloved international SIM cards.

An update to Jelly Bean isn’t in the cards this time, but a number of upgrades have joined the international roaming support, including updates for some pre-installed apps and the removal of a number of bloatware items — items that are installed by the carrier without the consumer’s prior approval. One of the improvements includes one made to Skype, but there was also a welcomed system stability improvement rolled into the update as well.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet an exact time frame for when the update will arrive, so while you wait, you might want to invest in a few HTC Rezound accessories so you’ll be ready to travel the world!

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By Josh Robert Nay

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