Cubic Telecom, Maxroam, Woolworths Mobile

Cubic Telecom, the good people behind the Maxroam global SIM and Woolworths Global Roaming SIM, recently announced that it has scored a $5.2 million USD investment from ACT Venture Capital, TPS Investments, Enterprise Ireland, and Qualcomm — the company’s second investment in Cubic — and plans to create 70 new jobs worldwide over the next three years. 50 of these jobs will be based in Maxroam/Cubic Telecom’s home turf of Dublin, Ireland. The company is also embarking on product development projects for three out of the five top computer OEMs in the world.

“Our goal is to become the single source provider for smart mobile connectivity for the OEM computer manufacturers who want to take all the hassle of connecting to voice and data networks out of their devices,” said CEO Barry Napier. “We serve both the telecoms providers and the OEMs by putting in core network architecture and real-time billing engines via a software layer. We can create any type of billing solution on any device for any carrier. This is effectively software-defined networking and everything can be changed on a device or an app over the air.”

The company has grown quite fast since it was founded in 2005, moving from a startup business specializing in voice and data roaming services via Maxroam and Woolworths Mobile to also providing software-defined network services to more than 500 mobile operators and some of the top Fortune 100 smartphone, tablet, and computer manufacturers. The company’s technology effectively provides anytime, anywhere in the world voice and data coverage for device owners by turning a SIM chip into its own operating system. The company has also developed more than 340 APIs.

“We are excited to be investing in a company so well positioned for rapid growth based on their highly innovative network and strong go-to-market relationships with leading smart device manufacturers looking to embed Cubic Telecom’s low-cost data connectivity technology into existing and future products,” said John Flynn, managing partner at ACT Ventures.

It’s definitely great to see Cubic Telecom doing so well, and it will also be great to see how this directly benefits customers of both Maxroam and Woolworths Mobile SIM card services.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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