If you’re planning a trip to either China or the United Arab Emirates this summer, you might want to take a look at getting a TravelSIM roaming SIM card for you and your companions. The company has recently lowered its calling rates in both of the aforementioned countries.

Callers in China can look forward to rates for outgoing calls to stand at €0.25/min which includes incoming calls free of charge. If you’re planning on doing a little texting while you’re checking out the sights in Beijing, you’ll be able to take advantage of outgoing text messaging rates of €0.35 per text. Incoming text messages are offered at no cost.

Data is, of course, where the biggest charges lie. Don’t expect to pay less than €10.65 for each MB of GPRS data you consume while in China.

The new United Arab Emirates rates are comparable to those in China, with outgoing calls now billed at €0.50/min with free incoming calls, and outgoing text messages billed at €0.65 per text, again with free incoming. Meanwhile, data in the UAE dropped to €2.50 per MB, a cost savings of 4 times less than the original rate TravelSIM charged before June 1.

If you’re looking for faster rates than GPRS, you may want to look at the other roaming services to choose the best one for you. Keep in mind, though, that TravelSIM customers get free calls from Skype users. Happy travels!